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Walangari Aboriginal Badge Set (4)

Walangari Aboriginal Badge Set (4)

Set of 4 Badges designed by Walangari Karntawarra

Scouts Australia have commissioned First Nation’s Artist – Walangari Karntawarra to design some original artwork for a series of blanket badges. 

Walangari's designs help tell the story of our nation’s first people. There are 4 badges in the series and 50c from the sale of each badge manufactured has been given in advance to the artist Walangari for his work. On top of this, the usual 10% of all badge sales also is shared between your Branch and Scouts Australia.

We are pleased to support Walangari and thank him for sharing his stories with Scouting and for allowing us to produce these works in the form of a woven badge for all our Scouting Members.


WATERHOLES - Water Holes are sacred and give life to all the creatures that depend on them especially through the driest periods of the Oldest land on Earth.

FAMILY - Family is central to everything we do as Aboriginal First Nations people. We respect and love our people and treasure our Elders.

KANGAROO - Kangaroos are sacred animals. When we eat a Kangaroo we say sorry and thank the Kangaroo for giving its life to feed us. We release its spirit so it can come back as something else or another kangaroo.

DESERT COUNTRY - Australia is the driest country on earth and it is full of bush foods and bush medicines. My family have lived in this land since the beginning of time.


Also available individually $3 each - HERE