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About Us

Scout Shop® is the official online store of Scouts Australia and was created to better serve the Australian Scouting community through providing a complete range of Scouting products in one easy and convenient online location.

The Australian Scouting community is a geographically diverse one, with members located all over Australia and often without a local Scout store. Scout Shop aims to resolve this challenge by providing a central online location for all Scouts Australia members to access uniforms, badges, books and materials all offered with FREE STANDARD POSTAGE AUSTRALIA-WIDE for orders over $10.

5 Great benefits of Scout Shop

  1. Free standard postage on all orders within Australia (no matter the price of location)
  2. Complete range of official Scouts Australia uniforms, badges, books and materials
  3. Proportion of Scout Shop profits put back into the Scouting community
  4. Scout Shop Satisfaction Guarantee
  5. Special items and badges can be restricted to leaders, branches or sections

Scout Shop Satisfaction Guarantee:

Scouts Australia and Scout Shop believe in the integrity of the products and services we provide. This is the reason we guarantee everything we sell – if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money.

Who’s Who at Scout Shop:

Assisting Scouts Australia with the retail and distribution of Scout Shop is experienced Scouting retailers Inspire Apparel. Together we believe Scout Shop  can provide the Australian Scouting community with an easy and convenient shopping experience.

Please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.

Scout Shop User Information:

Please note not all products available on Scout Shop can be purchased by youth members or non-Leaders. This is because some products are considered specialised in the Scouting community and can only be purchased by Section Leaders.

Login to Scout Shop using your Scout Central ID to view the full range of products available to you. Youth members and non-leaders can still purchase a large range of uniforms, souvenir badges and books.