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SNOWGUM Ultralight Hiker Mat (RRP $139.95)
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SNOWGUM Ultralight Hiker Mat (RRP $139.95)

What is it?

Your solution to uncomfortable bedding being a reason you don't go hiking. 

Why do I need it?

After a day of hiking, your body deserves (needs!) a comfortable night of sleep. Particularly if you have another big hike lined up for the following day. This Hiker Mat has been designed to deliver comfort and insulation, without taking up too much space or weighing you down. Every design element of this mat has been considered with the view of maintaining this balance.


  • Lightweight and compact for easy travel
  • Insulating diamond cut open cell foam inner saves weight and increases breathability
  • 3.8cm thick at head for added upper body comfort
  • R 3.8 thermal rating
  • Full size for added comfort, shaped to reduce size and weight
  • High volume, high quality brass screw valve for easy self inflation (no pump required!)
  • Repair Kit included
  • Lightweight, durable outer fabric 

Top and Bottom Shell: 20D nylon case with TPU air tight film. 
Inner: Diamond cut high density open cell PU self inflating foam (CFC Free)

Dimensions: 180cm x 50cm at shoulder - tapered to 37cm) x 3cm Packed: 28.5cm Diameter x 32cm Long

Weight: 900g (Inc Stuff Sac & Repair Kit)