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SNOWGUM Gatum Fleece Glove KIDS (RRP $17.95)

SNOWGUM Gatum Fleece Glove KIDS (RRP $17.95)

What are they?

Your solution to kids with freezing little hands.

Why do I need them?

Hands, especially the smaller ones, need some TLC. Fleece-styled TLC, as you well know, is some of the best TLC going around.

These fleece gloves, with a double-sided anti-pill fabric, are going to be the ones that stop all cold-hands-related tears. Only the best for your kids' lovely, deserving hands. 

  • Reinforced at palm and fingers
  • Elasticated at wrist
  • Insulating

Material: 100% TEPLO® Polyester Fleece Material Weight: 300gsm Care: Machine washable, do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean