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SNOWGUM Camino Long Sleeve Shirt Mens RRP $119.95
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SNOWGUM Camino Long Sleeve Shirt Mens RRP $119.95

What is it?

Your solution to stuffy, heavy weight shirts that don’t breathe. 

Why do I need it?

If you hike, camp, canoe, boat, or do any outdoorsy exercise, this shirt will revolutionise your life. (Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it will definitely revolutionise the activity...). 

This shirt’s goal is to give you maximum airflow (using a super lightweight stretchy breathable fabric) to keep you cool and comfy. And, NO, all that lightweight-ness does NOT mean it's weak. It just means it's clever. In fact, it's made out of a SPF 50+ rated material. EXTRA durable. EXTRA strong. Good luck to the nature, sun rays and mozzies attempting to get through that!


  • Quick drying
  • Twin chest pockets with button closure
  • Button adjustments at cuffs
  • Roll up and fasten sleeves
  • High venting to keep you cool
  • Machine washable
  • UPF 50+ provides excellent sun protection
  • Scotchguard stain repellent finish
  • Mechanical permanent stretch (no elastane yarns are used in this garment)

Material: 60% NYLON SUPPLEX, 40% POLYESTER T400 (SPF 50+) 

Fit: Regular Weight: 230g 

Care: machine washable, do not dry clean 

Note the image attached to this product is not a perfect representation, we are waiting for corrected photo images to come through. We will update asap.