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SNOWGUM 4 Piece Walking Pole (RRP $49.95)
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SNOWGUM 4 Piece Walking Pole (RRP $49.95)

 What is it?

Your solution to wanting a decent walking pole without the weight, awkward-ness and expensive-ness.

Why do I need it?

If you hike, a decent walking pole is a valuable investment. They help protect your knees and improve your endurance, your balance, your posture, and your ability to ballroom dance. (Wait, no, not that last one). 

'But walking poles are heavy and awkward to carry!' you exclaim? Yeah, they can be. But trust us when we tell you that the Snowgum walking pole is anything but. Lightweight, anti-shock, compact and with two removable baskets and rubber tip, this pole is designed to help you out and improve your hiking experience in all sorts of terrain. 

*Sold as single pole*


  • Aluminium alloy
  • Telescopic 4 section pole (60cm - 135cm length range)
  • Carbon Tip
  • Rubber tip (intended for indoor use to protect flooring from the carbon tip)
  • Twist locking system (The pole is lengthened and locked by twisting two pole segments in opposite directions. The plastic grip fixed to the bottom of each pole segment does not move).
  • Handle with strap
  • 50mm removable basket (designed for mud or similar terrain to prevent the pole from sinking into the mud)
  • Weight: 320gm
  • Total packable length 60cm

For a walking 'stick' version with the different 'crook' handle - click here