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Sea Scout Lanyard

Sea Scout Lanyard

The Sea Scout Lanyard is worn around the neck and plaited into the scarf to designate that the wearer is a Sea Scout and differentiates them from the 'Land Scouts'

One end has a fixed small loop to be attached to the shirt button hole or belt, the other has a slip knot to adjust to the neck size of the wearer.

Sometimes the bosuns call is attached to the small loop and kept in the shirt pocket.

This lanyard is used by Patrol Leaders in some Branches.

Great news is an Australian Scouter has contacted us and offered to make these lanyards for us..!

We've trialled a few lanyard thicknesses and settled on a 4mm diameter cotton cord. It is machine washable and the total length of the long loop is 120cm - so we've increased it slightly on the previous size.

So Sea Scout Lanyards are available once again - and made in Australia by a Scout!

Our manufacturer is also environmentally conscious and is avoiding all use of plastic, so the lanyards come to us packed in paper bags and individually packed in a small calico bag with the new logo stamped on it - very nice packaging.

We hope you like our new Australian Made Sea Scout lanyards...

We had already ordered a thousand from China unfortunately... but meanwhile, until they get here - and longer term - we are very pleased to offer this Australian made product!

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