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Official Scout Belt - Woven

Official Scout Belt - Woven

Official Uniform for all members.

The Official Scout Belt is a required part of the Scout uniform however it is fair to say that most youth members don't have one and don't wear belts - so only get one if you think you'll wear it! The same belt is worn by youth and adults across Scouting. 

It's a pretty cool belt and has a metal cast buckle and a polyester/cotton woven belt which is fully adjustable.  The belt can easily be detached from the buckle and shortened to your required length, and re-attached to the buckle without any special tools. 

TIP: Whilst this means there's some waste, you can use the excess belt material to make a collar for your pet, a hang strap for your garden hose or power lead or cut into squares and use for floor scratch protectors... it has lots of great uses. Email in your use and we'll add it here for future Joeys, Cubs and Scouts...!


All Youth sizes, Men Size 30"- 44" & Women Size 6-20 we suggest 120cm Belt

XL Men over 44" waist and Women size 20+ we suggest 160cm Belt