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NEW Scout Logo Uniform Badge

NEW Scout Logo Uniform Badge

The new 2019 Australian Scout Logo Uniform badge is now available.

This embroidered badge is 6.5cm high and designed to fully cover the old logo on your uniform shirt.

These badges are now iron-on. This helps to correctly position the badge. Have your iron set on HOT and use a protective sheet/thin cotton to avoid melting the polyester badge thread with direct heat. Hold the iron on the badge for 5 seconds to properly melt the adhesive glue backer.

Once glued on you will need to add a few stitches at some point as the glue will not last forever. But the iron-on will get you out of trouble tonight...!

It has a dark navy blue embroidered edge which matches the colour uniform shirt and fades away to allow the 5 section colours to be the heros once stitched to your uniform.

Be among the first to wear the fresh new Australian Scout Logo.