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Name Tapes


Can be ordered for your Group and Region direct from Cashs

*Picture is an example of a name tapes available, order from the cash's website whichever style nametape is relevant to your group. 


The specifications for Group Name Tapes are as follows:

14mm wide is the regulation size for both single line and double line name tapes. The length of the tape of course varies according to the number of characters in your Group name.

There are three lettering styles that can be selected from Cashs.

Single Line name tapes should choose Prestige Style 27 or 29. Style 27 is the clearer and larger font, but if you have a longer Group name you may choose style 29.

Double Line name tapes are required for Groups with really long names and for those, choose style 79.

You should order a NAVY BLUE name tape with YELLOW lettering (Sea Scout Groups sometimes order white lettering)