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Lightweight Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt Womens
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Lightweight Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt Womens

This new lightweight, sun-safe, long-sleeved uniform shirt has now been endorsed by the National Operations Committee as an approved uniform option for all members.

The garment has been developed for Scouts Australia by Snowgum, a company with decades of experience in making adventure clothing. The fabric is particularly special. It is a super lightweight & breathable with a little bit of stretch, wicks moisture from your skin and dries super-fast. It is designed for use in hot conditions - well suited to the Aust warmer climates. It even has under-arm vent mesh to maximise air flow and keep you cool.  It’s also great for camps as it will dry overnight and doesn’t require ironing.

Whilst it has fire retardancy added, it is lightweight and synthetic so, like all lightweight shirts on the market, it’s not particularly suited to campfires. It won’t ignite but an ember will put a hole in it.


Some more about the fabric

Snowgum first developed this fabric with a Taiwanese fabric mill a decade ago and have produced many thousands of shirts with it. It has been well tested. It is 60% Supplex N66 nylon which is the strongest, most stable and most heat resistant nylon yarn available. This is combined with 40% T400 stretch polyester. The magic of the T400 yarn is that it each fibre is formed by combining two slightly different polymers which, when extruded together, create a twisted ‘spring-like’ fibre at a microscopic level. When spun into yarn this creates a stretch which never changes. Unlike most of your stretch garments that have elastane yarns added, where the stretch eventually gives up and the garments ‘bag out’ at the knees and elbows and just stop stretching – this won’t happen to this shirt. And you’ll notice the stretch is only one way – that’s because T400 yarn only runs across the garment in the ‘weft’ while the N66 nylon runs vertically in the warp of the fabric. 

The Supplex N66 nylon yarn is not only super strong and stable, it is further enhanced by exposing it to high pressure jet air texturization at yarn stage. This process loops and tangles the microscopic filaments, creating a little more bulk, which produces a yarn that is super flexible, super soft and not shiny like your sports gear. It looks and feels like cotton, but is anti-abrasion, breathable, holds its shape, anti-tear, dries super-fast, retains colour – it won’t fade like cotton does, and in this case is UV resistant.


In short, we believe we now have the most hi-tech Scouting activity shirt in the world.

If you really like your uniform shirt it is also available in plain navy without the logo as a functional travel and outdoor shirt - called the Snowgum Sentiero