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Joey Scout Challenge Peak Award Woggle
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Joey Scout Challenge Peak Award Woggle

This Peak Award woggle is a brand new development for Scouts Australia. It features a stitched 3mm genuine soft leather woggle, stamped with the Peak Award name, with a 32mm slightly curved enamel badge mounted on it.

The 32mm metal badge is made from a lightweight metal alloy, nickel coated, enamelled by hand, one by one, then baked in an oven to ensure a long lasting surface. The silver portions are raised metal, not a coating or colour, and the coloured portions are solid hand-filled enamel.

The pins on the metal badge have been designed to slightly distort the shape of the leather woggle to better frame the metal badge.

Peak Award Merchandise is only to be purchased for recipients of the award and may be purchased by Branch, Region, District, Group or even family members. Some items are traditionally purchased for awardee gifts, so make sure you discuss your purchase with the recipients Adult Section Leader to ensure there are no embarrassing double ups!