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Flag Pole (3 piece)

Flag Pole (3 piece)

Ceremonial Flag Pole

New Model:  We have updated our flag pole to be a 3 piece pole as the previous 2 piece pole was too long to ship via Australia Post.

3 piece timber flag pole with 2 x brass screw coupling and wooden finial. 
assembled length 2.4m x 25mm diameter

The pole sections are connected via solid brass screw fittings so the poles will not fall apart while in use at marches and flag ceremonies. The top timber finnial can be unscrewed and replaced with other flag pole finnials if you have some old favourites you'd like to re-use.

This new 3 piece design means the flag pole can be shortened now to 1.6m which might be useful for some ceremonial applications.

Flags can be attached to the pole by fastening a cord around the finnial. Some groups choose to screw small eye screws into the timber as another fastening option (these are not supplied but readily available from hardwear stores).