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Dilly & Storage Bag (RRP $9.95)
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Dilly & Storage Bag (RRP $9.95)

Originally designed as a mess bag to store your plates, bowls, cup and cutlery at camp - and a Jamboree MUST for this purpose, the traditional Scout dilly bag now has many uses.

Great for storing swap badges, dirty laundry, shoes, or your passport pen and phone.

Machine washable and available in many different colours.

And the big story about this dilly bag is we are again making them exclusively from Adult Scarf fabric offcuts - now utilising every square metre of fabric when we make scarves - fabric which would otherwise have gone into landfill.

So no new fabric has been manufactured for these bags - a great environmental story!

These come in assorted colours (as we make scarves, the bags come in those colours)

Dilly Bag

38cm high x 30cm wide with draw string