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SNOWGUM Camper Mat (RRP $159.95)
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SNOWGUM Camper Mat (RRP $159.95)

What is it?

Your solution to uncomfortable bedding being a camping "con". 

Why do I need it? 

All campers hate waking up half on the ground, realising part way through the night that you've grabbed the mat with a hole in it, or listening to your mates complain about their sleeping ailments over breaky. Our camper mat's non-slip knit-surface, included repair kit, and ridiculously comfortable design will do it’s best to solve all those problems (given that you make sure your camping mates upgrade too…).

Snowgum has made, sold and experimented with our fair share of mats over the years, and our Siestamat is without a doubt our favourite. 

PS. Considering the level of comfort, this mat is relatively lightweight. But trust us! It's too heavy and bulky for hiking. For a lightweight hike mat, check out our Hiker Mat.


  • Insulating open cell foam is diamond-cored for maximum compressibility, weight reduction and increased breathability 
  • 7cm thick, soft top and made for comfort
  • High volume two-way valve for easy self inflation (no pump required!)
  • Repair Kit included

Weight: 1.9kg (Inc Stuff Sack) Dimensions: 198 x 63 x 7cm Packed: 18cm Diameter, 63cm Long

Material: Top Shell: 30D polyester stretch soft-touch non-slip, Bottom Shell: 75D durable polyester, Inner: Diamond Cut Open cell Foam (CFC Free)