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Bring a Friend Woggle

Bring a Friend Woggle

To thank Youth Members for bringing a friend to Scouts.  In order to receive this woggle all youth members need to do is bring along a friend with them to Scouts (any section) for three weeks. This is aimed for Joeys and Cubs, but may be used in other sections at the permission of the Section Council in the group.

Other important info:

Bring a Friend to your Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer or Rover night and you can earn the Bring a Friend Woggle.

You might even want to organise a Bring a Friend night and have several new members all attend on the same night.

Then you can make a fun night out of it and grow your Group as well.

How to earn:

  • To be presented to a youth member who brings a friend (not a current member) to at least 3 meetings/activities during which they (and their leaders)
  • The friend does not have to join Scouting for the youth member to earn the badge

Placement on uniform

  • This is a woggle and can be worn instead of another woggle one may have
  • It should be removed when the youth member moves to the next section

What about additional friends?

  • A youth member may earn additional woggles, if they ‘bring more friends’
  • But only one woggle may be worn – additional woggles can be used as mementos or in collections.

 Bring a Friend Woggle