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Bring a Friend Woggle

Bring a Friend Woggle

Bring a Friend to your Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer or Rover night and you can earn the Bring a Friend Woggle.

You might even want to organise a Bring a Friend night and have several new members all attend on the same night.

Then you can make a fun night out of it and grow your Group as well.

How to earn:

  • To be presented to a youth member who brings a friend (not a current member) to at least 3 meetings/activities
  • The friend does not have to join Scouting for the youth member to earn the woggle

Placement on uniform

  • This is a woggle and can be worn instead of another woggle one may have
  • It should be removed when the youth member moves to the next section

What about additional friends?

  • A youth member may earn additional woggles, if they ‘bring more friends’
  • But only one woggle may be worn – additional woggles can be used as mementos or in collections.