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2024 SDG Challenge Badge

2024 SDG Challenge Badge

hrough the SDG Challenge, you can join Scouting's effort to address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the globe.

Form a project patrol (youth and/or adults) to explore the SDGs together, then choose two SDGs to focus on in your SDG Challenge.

Through your Challenge you will:

  • Gain Awareness of the SDG and what's needed to tackle them.
  • Take Action on your chosen SDGs.
  • Inspire Others to learn about the SDGs and take action for lasting change.

To find out more head over to Scouts|Terrain and check under additional awards. You can find additional info on our website at www.scouts.com.au/sdg.

The badge is for youth to wear as an additional award (right sleeve) for one year after completing their challenge.