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2020 Their Service Our Heritage

2020 Their Service Our Heritage

This is an annual achievement badge for all youth members, with each new 12 month period commencing on Anzac Day on 25th April.

The 2020 badge has a white edging. Each year is a different colour. 

 The badge should be worn only during the year in which it was presented (up to April 24 of the following year) and is to be worn on the right sleeve as a Specialist Badge.

Leaders in South Australia should place orders for this badge through the Adelaide Scout Outdoor Centre


With the cancellation of many Anzac Day events this year due to COVID-19 Corona Virus, and the likely update of this badge design for 2021, we have reduced the prices of other edge colours this year to $1.

So please order blue edged badges here:

or Red edged badges here

These two colours are reduced to $1.00 until sold out