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The Field Guide To Knots
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The Field Guide To Knots

The Field Guide to Knots by Bob Holtzman just might well be the most comprehensive knot book ever produced.

180 pages of 'how to tie' knots, lashings, splices, whippings and just about anything you can think of with full colour photos. Durable hard cover and wire spiral bound.

Whether you need to build a shelter, tied down a trailer (which ALL Scouts should know how to do...), whip the end of a frayed rope, tie up a horse or anchor a boat, you will find the selection process in The Field Guide to Knots quick, easy and unlike any other knot book.

You'll learn not only how to tie knots, but also how to recognise and untie them, and how to assess your needs and choose the right knot for the job. Clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by colour photographs make even complex knots easy to learn and remember. 

This is the perfect gift for any Scout. It even comes with a couple of pieces of cord so you can start tieing knots as soon as you receive it!

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