Scouts Of The World Badge - Supporters Badge

Scouts Of The World Badge - Supporters Badge

This blue Scouts of the World Supporter badge is available to adults who train, mentor or support the Scouts of the World programme. This is one badge that incorporates Scouts of the World in English, French and Spanish languages. It is available on unrestricted sale and should be used to promote the award by adults involved with it.

Product Information

The Scouts of the World programme is an initiative to help National Scout Organisations revitalise the programme of Senior Sections (15-26 age range) by giving young people more opportunities to face the challenges of the future as identified by the Millennium. The Scouts of the World Award is a special award showing that a young person is aware of world issues (Scouts of the World Discovery) and has acquired through a voluntary service the necessary experience and skills to become a citizen of the world. 

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Point of Contact:
Project Commissioner, Scouts of the World