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2019 Drought Relief Badge

2019 Drought Relief Badge

This year's Drought Relief badge has been designed by Andrew and Michael from Hervey Bay Sea Scouts.

Andrew (5 years old) has just joined the Joey Scout section and Michael (8 years old) is a Cub Scout and currently working towards his Silver Boomerang.  When talking about the drought with their parents, who are also Leaders, the boys identified the hot sun, dry cracked ground and dead trees as drought images.  They also identified the ‘sadness’ (sic) that farmers would be feeling and that Scouts should reach out to them.

$3 from every purchase will go to Buy A Bale. Many farmers and rural communities are still battling the most crippling drought in decades, and funds are needed for meaningful support. This includes hay and feed, water, helplines, volunteers and counselling.

Last year we sold over 5000 badges raising more than $16,000 – an amazing effort from Scouts Australia.